Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DL1 Quest Cards

I really like the idea of quest cards (see page 103 of the Dungeon Master's Guide). I like that they give players something tangible to hold onto and look at each game session to remind them what their ongoing adventure objectives are.

In my conversion of DL1, there are only two adventure-related quests ("Find Evidence of the True Gods" and "Appeal to the Seekers") but I also included some minor quests that serve as nudges to encourage light roleplaying ("Recite The Canticle" and "Introducing the Heroes"). For players that might not be inclined towards roleplaying, completing these quests lets them dabble a bit in some story-based player narrative and earn some quest XP as an incentive.

I've made a package of quest cards to print out and hand out to my players, and if anyone else is interested in using them too, please feel free to download them. They are formatted to be printed on Avery index cards (05388).


  1. I also like the idea of quest cards- although I don't think I would necessarily use the ones for introducing the characters or reciting the canticle, primarily because I view a quest to be something that is more longterm than that, and I would imagine those would be completed shortly after being assigned in the course of the game.

    Good work overall, though. What program are you using to put them together? Is it just Adobe, or something more specialized?

  2. Thanks, they're actually just formatted in Word and then converted to PDF using Adobe.